1. Legos
  2. Action figures
  3. Remote-controlled cars
  4. Arts and crafts kits
  5. Board games
  6. Puzzles
  7. Science kits
  8. Musical instruments
  9. Sports equipment
  10. Dress-up costumes
  11. Play tents or teepees
  12. Toy tool sets
  13. Toy trucks or cars
  14. Toy dinosaurs or animals
  15. Play kitchen or food sets
  16. Magnetic building blocks
  17. Kinetic sand or play dough
  18. Building blocks or construction sets
  19. Playmobil or other toy figures
  20. Wooden train sets
  21. Marble runs or building sets
  22. Dollhouses or play sets
  23. Stuffed animals
  24. Train table
  25. Magnetic drawing board
  26. Play doctor or veterinarian kits
  27. Play workbench or tool bench
  28. Building sets with gears and moving parts
  29. Bean bag chair
  30. Kids’ camera or video recorder
  31. Bowling set
  32. Bubble machine
  33. Toy pirate ship or castle
  34. Water table or sand table
  35. Outdoor play set
  36. Scooter or balance bike
  37. Play money or cash register
  38. Toy kitchen appliances or utensils
  39. Finger paint or washable markers
  40. Play doh tools or clay sets
  41. Magic set or magician kit
  42. Bath toys or bath crayons
  43. Play doctor or nurse costume
  44. Indoor mini basketball hoop
  45. Air hockey or foosball table
  46. Kid-friendly binoculars
  47. Kaleidoscope or other optical toys
  48. Science experiment book or kit
  49. Inflatable bounce house or slide
  50. Model car or airplane kit
  51. Classic books, such as Dr. Seuss or Curious George
  52. Crayon or pencil set
  53. Glow-in-the-dark stars or stickers
  54. Dress-up clothes, such as a firefighter or police officer costume
  55. Painting or drawing easel
  56. Toy guitar or musical instrument
  57. Sandcastle or beach toy set
  58. Play mat or road rug for cars
  59. Play doctor or veterinarian playset
  60. Sticker book or sticker set
  61. Construction vehicle set
  62. Board game with a favorite character
  63. Magic coloring book or activity book
  64. Puzzle with a favorite character
  65. Play doctor or vet costume set
  66. Toy construction site or dump truck
  67. Pretend play food or restaurant set
  68. Bubble bath or bath bomb set
  69. Toy rocket or spaceship
  70. Toy train or train track set
  71. Paint your own pottery kit
  72. Toy race track or car ramp
  73. Animal or insect catching kit
  74. Dart board or target game
  75. Wooden blocks or stacking toy
  76. Play camping set or tent
  77. Binoculars or magnifying glass
  78. Play dough or clay set
  79. Kids’ karaoke machine or microphone
  80. Toy bow and arrow or foam dart gun
  81. Kids’ science book or encyclopedia
  82. Toy garage or car wash
  83. Magnet science set or experiment kit
  84. Marble maze or rolling ball game
  85. Play farm or animal set
  86. Toy airplane or helicopter
  87. Build-your-own robot kit
  88. Cardboard castle or fort kit
  89. Classic toy, such as a jack-in-the-box or wind-up toy
  90. Toy snake or reptile set

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