Parents are frantically trying to come up with new outlets for their kids’ unending energy since the beginning of the pandemic. Children get bored easily and it’s always tough finding new things to keep everyone busy without losing it! If you’re running out of ways to keep your kids entertained, and your patience is wearing thin, check below for some family-friendly activities to keep you and your family busy for hours.

1. Family Game Night

While playing video games together is also a good option, consider sharing a piece of your childhood with your kids. Recreate your favorite memories with a game of Uno or Monopoly. Family game night is a great tradition to start during this confusing time, and it’s one you can keep going after it’s all over.

2. Read a Book Together

Cuddle up in bed together for a nightly reading. Speed through an easy story or read a chapter book in installments. Either way, these nightly sessions will help instill a love of reading in your kids and create memories they’ll look back on fondly for years to come.

3. Cook Dinner as a Family

Shoulder the burden of cooking while creating a fun activity by choosing a meal to prepare as a family. Assign each family member to a station (such as chopping, washing, or mixing), and create something delicious you can all take pride in.

4. Do a Puzzle

Get crafty by completing a jigsaw puzzle together as a family. It’s a great bonding experience and will help teach your kids the value of teamwork.

5. Bake Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies, or cookie dough for that matter? Whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to enjoy after dinner, or bake sugar cookies and have fun decorating them afterwards.

6. Lights, Camera, Action

Difficult times are often the ones that shape people the most. Years from now, ensure you have photos to share by documenting your family’s experiences and the fun shenanigans that took place during these times. You can even set up a fun, pre-planned photo shoot where you all wear old Halloween costumes or new costumes you make first to pass the time and encourage creativity and self-expression.

7. Camp in the Backyard

If the weather is nice where you are, pitch a tent outside, lay down some sleeping bags or bedding, and have a mini backyard adventure. As a family, you and the kids can roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories, gaze up at the stars, and talk about everything you plan to do when the quarantine is lifted.

8. Have an Art Class

While homeschooling your kids, don’t forget to cultivate their creativity. Set time aside for a weekly art class where they can paint, draw, do paper mache, or create something fun from Pinterest.

9. Build a Living Room Fort

Watching movies on Netflix becomes instantly more fun and exciting when done from inside a fort. Make sure to include lots of pillows, some fun string lights, and delicious snacks. Don’t forget the popcorn.

9. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Send your kids on a hunt to locate items you’ve hid around the house and/or yard. Equip them with a map and a few hints, and watch them run off all their excess energy as they excitedly engage in an epic at-home adventure.

A lot of adults find themselves dealing with immense stress and uncertainty. But for kids, this is simply a time when their family is more present than ever. They won’t remember unemployment, economical woes, or social distancing rules. They’ll remember time with you.

While having your kids in the house a lot more might be taxing on your patience, you have a unique opportunity to create magical and lasting memories for them (and you) during these days. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or be extremely crafty. Simply be present, and use this list as a guide and inspiration for fun, easy, at-home activities you can engage in as a family.

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