My youngest child is 5 years old and he’s at that age where he’s finally starting to learn new words. He’s more than halfway through his kindergarten year and he’s really picking up so many new words every single day. They tend to concentrate on short CVC words at this age in school so we needed some way to get the extra practice in at night or even on the weekends. Things have been so tough these past two years and we do have a little bit of catching up to do considering the kids missed a lot of in person schooling. A little extra practice at home will really do him some good!

What Are CVC Words?

CVC words are short and easy to learn three letter words that have a Consonant, Vowel, Consonant (CVC!). An example would be bat or cat or dog. These are really simple and easy words for toddlers to practice reading in preschool, TK and kindergarten. They basically have to sound out the word slowly and easily and it’s a great stepping stone for moving on to higher level words. Kids learn to read well by starting with some short CVC words.

What CVC words should I teach first?

The teachers at school typically have a set curriculum they’ve been teaching for many years to their students so it will vary from place to place what words they recommend teaching your kids first. In all honesty, I would start with the easiest and most recognizable words first such as cat, dog, and bat then work your way up to harder words. It always helps when there is a picture attached so your little one will know exactly what they are trying to read.

When should kids know CVC words?

CVC words are typically taught to 4 to 6 year olds but it’s never to early to start. If you have some spare time and want to give your little one a head start on reading, this is the perfect place to begin.

Example CVC Word List

    • bat
    • cat
    • fat
    • hat
    • mat
    • rat
    • dad

To help my kids out and because I’m such a cool parent lol, I decided to create a nice CVC printable pdf word chart with pictures so they can match up the words to the images quickly. Click Here To Download or a jpg version to print

Feel free to download it and practice with your kids.

Looking for even more practice pages? Do a quick search on Etsy or Amazon and there are a bunch of other printable CVC page options if you want to really load up on them.

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